New garage door needed:-)




Dave Liquorice

Close the door and straighten it up a bit with the front bumper of the
van. It'll be fine.
Yeah, it'll bend back with a bit of persuasion. Though knowing modern
plastic highly expensive wrap around bumbers I wouldn't like to bet
on which bent first. Hum maybe I do, the most expensive, the bumper.

Know anyone with a Defender?


ARW said:

Well the last time I parked my van in there I did not have roof bars on the

My Mum thinks it's a conspiracy between me and my Dad as he wanted a new
door and she told him that there was nothing wrong with the old one and he
could not have one.

If you have another means of access to the garage and an electric supply
I would fit an electric roller shutter. I fitted one on mine a few
years ago and it is great. It means that I can hang things from the
rafters near the door without it catching, plus the lazy mans remote
control too.

My need was brought about when I reversed up to the door and forgot to
stop, it was never quite the same after that :-(




Bob said:
If you do bend it back to try and straighten it, the part which has
the definitive bend/kink in it will be somewhat weakend. You may or
may not need to support it by using a piece of timber.

I should be able to get some better photos later. The door is shagged, that
photo was taken after I had straightened it out with my boots. The rivets
have popped from the cross frame and the wire to open the door has

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