Need advise with Beckett AF motor coupling

May 7, 2018
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I need to replace the pump motor of a Beckett oil burner. All the research I've done shows a very simple, tubular coupling between the motor and the pump shaft. So when I took my motor off I discovered a rather elaborate coupling with a kind of conical flap attached to it (pics attached). I noticed there is sticker on the outside of the unit showing a depiction of this coupling and stating "Inlet Air Shut-off Installed 6526". I cannot find this coupling type anywhere on the internet and it appears it was a feature Beckett got away from.

Anyone hear of this type of coupling? Amazon sells the Beckett 2454 COUPLING FOR A, AF, AFG & NX BURNERS REPLACES 5861( AIR SHUT-OFF OBS.) I guess implying the air shut-off is obsolete.

Can I just use a standard replacement coupling (p/n 2454) and not use this air shut off thing at all?

Appreciate your help in advance!




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