Moving toilet update and request for more help



Hi everyone, a while back I posted a message asking for help with moving a
toilet from downstairs to upstairs at my brothers house. The overall
general opinion was to not reroute pipes but to just put in a new soilpipe
and cut into the drains. Brother didnt really want to dig up the drains but
yesterday we started digging them up.

We found the main sewer pipe and also the pipe which goes to the existing
toilet. They are the clay type pipes and where they join is where he wants
his soil pipe to be so this creates a small problem. Obvioulsy he cant join
into an existing join.

Can he tee into the pipe which already goes to the existing toilet rather
than into the main drain?
If so, how does he do it?

\ \*
_\ \____

Thats how the pipe looks at the moment, he'd like to tee in at the asterisk
point, could he put a 90deg tee there or does it have to be a 45deg tee.
This will still be underground. What is the easiest way of connecting to
this clay pipe. How does he break into the pipe? What is the connection he
should be asking for? All ideas are greatly appreciated before he takes the
next step and actually goes for it.
He did call a plumber to ask how much he'd charge but this man didnt want my
brother to dig up the drains, run the new soil pipe or break through the
wall to the toilet. He wanted £600 for that which seems a trifle steep.

Also, while digging up the floor, he noticed the soil was very wet even
though there hasnt been much rain.
When the pipes were exposed, he left them overnight and there was a three
inch deep pool of water in the hole so presumably he has a hole or crack in
the drains, if he can find where it is leaking, how does he repair that
hole? This hole must be on the main sewer pipe as he tested the toilet pipe
by flushing it a few times after he'd dried the pipe off.

Thanks for any help


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