Lost Power to Garage Circuit - Extreme Newbie Quesiton



I discovered this evening that I lost power to 2 separate outlets in
my garage. One of the outlets is a GFCI which had a freezer plugged
into it via extension cord. The GFCI tripped about 2 weeks ago for
the first time, but no follow up problems until today. I tried to
re-route the freezer with the extension cord to the only other power
outlet in the garage (not GFCI) which was also dead. The 15amp
circuit that these outlets go to was not tripped (resetting the
circuit made no difference). Now the GFCI outlet that had the freezer
plugged into it trips on its own after about 5 seconds following a
reset - even when nothing is plugged in. Any advice/trouble shooting
tips before brining in a Electrician?



Chris Lewis

According to Joseph Meehan said:
To add to what Mike said. You may have a problem with the wiring in the
wall causing the GFCI to trigger or you may have a problem with the freezer.
I would not rule out either. Does the freezer have a grounded plug? I
don't know if you can legally have even a dedicated circuit in a garage that
is not GFCI.
I believe the rules say that if the "location" (not device) needs a GFCI,
but is dedicated (to a major appliance or permanent wire device),
you don't need a GFCI, regardless of where it is.

Ie: a washing machine or dryer in a bathroom doesn't need a GFCI. Fridges don't
need GFCIs in unfinished basements, garages, or bathrooms. But pools and hot
tubs need GFCIs no matter where they are.

To be anally correct, it should be a single-receptacle outlet tho (NEC, not
CEC I believe) to avoid portable appliances being connected to it.

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