Knocking out chimney stack in kitchen



The old floor standing boiler has been replaced by a modern replacement
elsewhere in the house. I now want to knock out the box left in the kitchen
to give more space for new units. I'm sure you'll agree it's
something any self-respecting kitchen can do well without!

My only worry is not knowing the liklihood of the rest of the stack above it
collapsing down on it. <gulp!>

Does it all have to come out? Or is there a standard procedure of knocking
in some sort of lintel so the kitchen walls support the redundant stack in
the loftspace. It looks like a job that's perhaps too dangerous to
undertake alone - I'm really just keen to know the correct procedure so I'm
not ripped off or oversold services by any local building contractor.

Or should I just put a sledgehammer to it and pray for the best? :)



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