Issue With Ceiling Fan


barry martin


R > Having a little problem with a ceiling fan in our new townhouse.
R > The fan seems to be very tempermental. The light goes on via the
R > switch on the wall, but the fan will not turn. I had it working
R > once, thats it, seems like it might be a connection or something,
R > not too sure where to start. Can someone please advise?

Read a few good suggestions and will try one of my own. The light-
and-fan units I'm familiar with have two pull chains at the unit, one
for the light (usually it hangs down at the center), the other for the
fan control (usually hangs off to one side). It's possible the fan
switch has been damaged ==> previous owner yanked on the switch rather
than pulling. Be sure to get the correct switch and leave your wires
long enough to work with. (May be cheaper and easier int he long run
to replace the whole unit -- if you elect to replace just he fan and
keep the current light get the same brand -- they're not all the same
size fittings!)

The electrical wiring is relative simple, just a matter of where the
switches are and how many. Here's the way I think your's is wired:

___ fan (usually black)
----wall switch---------|___ light (usually blue)

Since the light works, the wall switch is OK. The fan may/may not
work, so problem is either at the connection (wire nut) where the wire
from the wall switch connects to the fan and light or the fan speed
switch. Both of these are usually located in the housing above where
the light kit connects (and below the fan blades).

Another possiblilty is there is another switch some place -- possibly
a control -- which runs the fan. Usually the light's wall switch and
the fan's wall switch/control are together (side-by-side/double gang
wall switch) but if the job was done after the townhouse was built who
knows?! Is there a "mystery switch" on the other side of the room
which doesn't seem to do anything?

¯ barry.martinþATþ ®

* You RAZED the bridge??!! I said, RAISE the bridge!!


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