How do I fill this hole



I have one hole about 1.5 inches diameter which I think may have been
accidently drilled by the last people that lived in my house. It goes from
hall to bathroom and I can only see, and access, the hall side. How can I
fill it as I don't want to have to spend £8 on that expanding squirt in




Nigel Heather

What is the wall construction?

Just checking that you just want to put one side right?

Are you just looking for a cosmetic?

How is the wall constructed - brick (supporting) or wood frame partition?

What's the surface - plaster or plasterboard? If plasterboard is there a
gap between the board and the interior brick?

If it's plasterboard and there is a gap between it and the brick then what I
do is to cut some small pieces of thin wood just a little wider that the
hole. I then liberally coat the ends in white glue, and slide behind the
hole and pull so it sticks to the back of the pasterboard (tip - you can
drill a hole in the centre and field some string through to give you a
handle to pull on that you can cut off later).

Once dry, you have a foundation to layer up polyfilla - as it's only
plasterboard thickness it won't take much. Used it many times with great

Obviously, your responses to the answers above may scupper this approach.



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