how do i change the cord


barry martin


M > the original cord was damaged by a house pet. i bought the replacement cor

M > about three months ago. hubby is too busy and i don't want to nag him. ca

M > some one tell me how or point me in the right direction (ON THE NET) where

M > can find a how to on this?

My 'subject field' is limited to 25 characters so don't know to what
we're attempting to replace the cord so will give some generic

Find how to get inside the device - screws? Note the path the
original wire takes and replicate. Also note which colour and to
where the cord terminates inside the device. (Possibly doing one lead
at a time.) Some cords are not colour-coded but have a ridged side to
designated the 'white' wire. (Goes to the wider prong ==> "wide is

The "good news" is the device as it is now doesn't work because the
pet chewed the cord so you can't make it much worse by attempting to
replace the cord! :)

¯ barry.martinþATþ ®

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