HF Multi-Function Anti-Fatigue Mats - They're not just for your feet!



I love these things!


I originally bought them as kneeling pads. Too many years of catching softball...I can't kneel on hard surfaces for more than a few minutes. I have since found so many uses for them that go way behind the anti-fatigue function.

- I use them to pad the sides of my van when I want to protect the interior from cargo.
- I use them in my trailer between objects that I don't want rubbing/banging together.
- I cut a couple in half to line the sides of a dog crate for a friend's dog that kept peeing out the side of the crate - and into the crate next to his!
- I cut a ring and replaced the worn out filter gasket on my wet vac.
- I made a set of slip-on covers for my vice jaws and faced them with the foam for a soft grip when I need it.

The list goes on...

If you read some of the reviews at the HF site, you'll see that other people have found uses that have nothing to do with fatigue. Everything from hail protection to blocking for knitted garments to model making.

I didn't know this until I read the reviews, but apparently if you heat them up, bend them and let them cool, they will retain the bend. I'm sure I can find uses that will utilize that feature.

$8 (with the 20% coupon) for 17 square feet of a very versatile product. What a deal!


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