Heightening rough opening for pre-hung entry door



The woes of inexperience. I bought a 32x80 pre-hung single entry door
to replace my sidedoor. I've done some minor work on my house before
(roofing, light carpentry), so I've decided to try and install it
myself. Problem is the 82" unit doesn't fit the 81.5" vertical rough
opening where I want to put it. The mfgr, Thermatru, recommends an
82,5" vertical rough opening.

A friend at work had a similar problem and shaved off some of the
header. Both a neighbor and the folks at the lumber yard where I got
the door say the best solution, though more work, is to cut and remove
the drywall and raise the header, supporting it with longer vertical

Has anyone had a similar experience? What problems might I run into,
both now and down the road, if I just shaved half an inch to a full
inch off the header? I'm thinking that the location of the door is
not a heavy load bearing area, so I'd like to just shave the header if
it's not problematic, but I would appreciate any suggestions.

THe door is parallel to the joists and rafters. The house is a
one-story ranch house. THe headers appear to be 2x6 and maybe even
2x8, on edge. The interior is drywall.



Dan G

You might also look at the prehung jamb. Often, the side jambs have
"ears" to hold the jamb head in a dado. It is possible to remove these
ears - may require some glue and nail work, and/or place a set of shims
to hold the head in the dado.

I would not tear out the sheetrock, etc to raise the header. You might
create more tragedies than you want.

Keep the whole world singing. . .
Dan G
(remove the 7)




I handled this situation just last week by whacking away part of the header
with a circular saw and a sawzall. I had to hang onto the pwertools because
they're not really designed for that, but it worked. I had to remove some
nails first so that the saw wouldn't hit them. 15 minutes if you're crafty.

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