Genie Garage door opener



Our Genie garage door opener failed to open the door all the way yesterday -
it was unusually cold - I disconnected the arm from the door and the door
moved up and down freely without any binding - so, back into the house to
set up a service call for a guy to look at the door opener.

The I called the Genie Customer Support line. HOLY COW ! ! ! Those folks
are the best. This opener was with the house when I bought it 5 years ago,
but the gal that answered my call treated me like I was their biggest
customer. She walked me through the diagnosis and fix process (something
about a limit setting), she was unbelievably patient and polite, she spoke
English clearly and plainly, and she even added cautions about getting up on
something steady to disconnect and reconnect a wire. She was very relaxed
and made the entire process very easy for me. I obviously didn't know squat
about garage door openers, but she never made me feel stupid. Turns out,
she's been with the company for 25 years. Not too much of that any more,
huh? I waited on hold for 25 minutes with Bank of America the other day -
and then got disconnected when my scratchy-sounding, non-native-English
speaking customer service rep was "striving to provide me with an
exceptional customer service experience".


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