Garbage Chute Smell issue

Nov 2, 2017
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I live in a condo next to a garbage chute on the top third floor of our condo (wooden frame construction) complex (circa 1967). My bathroom is shares the wall with garbage chute.
Problem. Garbage smell in the bathroom.
My association doesn't want to clean garbage chute more than a few times a year. There is no smell within a month after chute cleaning, smell comes during second month.

Questions from most expensive and worst to lesser ones.
Is it possible to seal the shared wall to prevent smell coming into my unit. I know it will be damn expensive (take down the wall in my bathroom, do some magic, and put wall back).
Or, find garbage chute repair vendor, repair and seal the chute, and thus eliminate smell from penetrating the wall.
Or, just push (doesn't work so far) association into regular garbage chute cleaning, like once a month?

What seems more economical and practical?

Appreciate any suggestions.


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