Foul Smell from behind washing machine and under boiler in new extension

Sep 26, 2013
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We had some extension work few months back and ever since the work was completed, occasionally we have been getting smells from behind the washing machine and under the boiler (which are next to each other).*I have attached pictures of while works were being completed and after work has been completed.*InitiallyI thought it was to do with no U Bend present in the waste pipe behind the washing machine so I bought a white connecter for the 2 (as seen in the picture) however this has made no difference and we also can smell it very strong from the gap where the pipes connect to the boiler.*

Any ideas what it could be?*

A suggestion by a friend was to foam up the gaps and see if the smells still persists but I am guessing that ain't really resolving the issue but just stopping the smells from existing from that location which could mean it could find another gap to exit from


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