Flush valve ID


Bob S.

I have been asked to repair a 20-25 year old commercial flush valve in
a church restroom. The only name on the valve is "Royal". Would any of
you plumbers venture a guess as to whether this is a Sloan "Royal"
valve, or was there at one time a company called Royal?
Bob S.




The "Royal" is a Sloan Royal to be sure. Royal is a brand of Sloan
Valve, like Regal or Gem - also Sloan Brands. Sloan labeled it's valves
with the single name "Royal" for many years. Sloan will turn 100 years
old next year, so they've made a few of these puppy's and they last a
long time - 25 years is pretty good life for a product. You can repair
the inside parts with the product you buy over the counter at your
local plumbing distributor. The new parts should fit the old valve -
which makes your job easy. you may wish to change the valve out,
they'll have sloan Royals on hand for that too.

Tim Fischer

"Royal" Flush -- I always chuckle when I see those in a restroom.



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