Fixing drip in Kohler faucet


Marshall D Abrams

I can't seem to stop a Kohler hot water bathroom sink faucet from
dripping. Replacing the washer didn't help, and I replaced the valvet
assembly. (I learned the names from an illustration on the Kohler
site.) The replacement parts I used were from Danco. Numbers on the
package were seat 56, handle adapter 25, position 79, # 15553B.

I guessed that the nylon "washer" attached to the bottom of the barrel
isn't making perfect contact with the brass "body" (I don't know what
to call it.) I tried using an extra brass washer on the plunger shaft
(stem) so that the bonnet pushed the barrel with more force. That
didn't help.

Any suggestions for a next step would be appreciated.


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