Environment/Pollution Survey Cost


Jeff Gaines

I am having my fuel oil tank moved, the only location that complies
with building regs and is close enough to the road for the length of
hose the tankers carry was in front of my building line so I had to
apply for planning permission.

OK, got permission subject to condition that:

Prior to the commencement of development, a Human Health Risk
Assessment shall be undertaken in respect to the removal and
replacement of the oil tank. This shall be in accordance with UK best
practice, have reference to CLR11, BS10175 and PPG02, and include the
use of plant and machinery, oils/chemicals and materials, the use and
routing of heavy plant and vehicles, the location and form of work of
storage areas and compounds, and the control and removal of spoil and
wastes. No development shall be undertaken until this has been
submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority.

To ensure the removal and installation of the oil tank is undertaken
safely in accordance with Policy DW-E34 of the New Forest Local Plan.

Having found out what this meant and found a company who can do it I am
now in the position where it will cost around £800 to have the tank
moved (including a new concrete base and removing the old one) and
£2,500 for the survey!!!

Has anybody any experience of this sort of thing and have you any
suggestions as to a company who can do a survey at a more reasonable
cost? I am getting to the stage of saying b*ll*cks and leaving the old
tank until it rots.


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