Electronic Wall oven, self cleaning latch -now I've done it!


Rob Mitchell

I have a Kitchen Aid Electronic Wall oven (Superba Selectra 30 -YKEBS107BB2)

Any idea where I can get a service manual for this unit?

The problem started after a self clean cycle, when the oven was next
used. After pressing Bake, the code 'door' would be displayed. I did
some investigation and found that the micro-switch in the door latch had
failed. I replaced the switch and put it all back together.

When I turn the power on, both burners and the fan automatically come on
(like it was still self cleaning?) and there are no lights displayed on
the electonic display. No buttons work. No clock.

Are there any circuit breakers, fuses, or reset switches for the
electronic control panel?

It looked like a simple repair (just changing a switch) but now I think
I've really done it.

All help appreciated!


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