Electric Garage Door Not Closing

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Linda Boumarafi


I have an electric garage door that comes down about 2 feet before
stopping. In order to close the garage door, I have to close it
manually. I have greased the track and there doesn't appear to be any
hang-ups along the way in the track.

I think I need to adjust the garage door opener. The only trouble is,
I don't know how. After reading several posts, I went out and looked
for a knob to adjust the downforce or the amount of travel. I didn't
see one. I don't have a manual, because the opener was already there
when I bought the house.

I'm dealing with an EZ-Lift 500 Deluxe 1/2 HP opener. Anybody know how
to adjust that? Thanks!


Linda Boumarafi



Dick Hamlen

After making sure the door runs freely, check the case again. If you're
lucky, there may be adjusting screws, and they may be accessible through
holes in the case.

Also, while you've got the door disconnected from the opener, you could
try operating the opener and see if it travels further without the door
attached. (Verify whether the problem is the door or the opener).

If you haven't already got enough to worry about, you could check this:

Good luck. And always remember that free advice like this is worth what
you paid for it.


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