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Tim S

As I mentioned I got my 40cm square sample of "Easy Panel" from

It's like Jablite, but with a firmer less friable bottom surface and 0.1mm
ali foil on the top surface, with grooves to take PEX pipe for UFH. The
nice bloke chuckied in 1/2 bag of Mapei Kerabond and an opened bottle of
Isoflex admix.

Today, I glued it down to a bit of floor using just Kerabond and water (so
basically normal cementy tile adhesive). I glued it to the top of a section
of exposed quarry tiles that I'd cleaned off with Flash to remove any
grease and dirt.

The "grab" seemed quite good. I won't know until next week when I go and
inspect it how well it's bonded, but it seemed to be starting to bond quite

As it was partially stuck after 1/2 hour, I mixed up some Kerabond and 100%
Isolflex (no water) and glued 9 15cm tiles on top, after laying in the
sample of PEX pipe.

First impressions are good. It's got some give in it - but it won't like
being bent too hard over a lumpy floor with compound slops - so I need to
get my front room a bit flatter first (looks like 5 bags of latex screed).

I'll get some pictures next week and give it a bit of a kicking to see how
well it's glued. I'm quite tempted to go with it. Bit of floor insulation
and warm toes. Hmm... I might be able to bodge some hose onto the PEX and
run the hot tap though it and see how it performs WRT heating.




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