Driveway sealer - disaster - please advise!

Nov 2, 2018
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A few days ago a guy knocked on my door saying he'd been doing driveway work in the neighborhood, and asking if i need my driveway done. (Actually its a long long walkway which goes down the center of driveway fromthe house to the street.

I specifically asked him if (prior to application of sealer) he smooths rough areas where ice tends to collect, thus evading my shovel. (The sealer is oil based - he had said that's the best kind).

Anyway he gave assurances and acted full of confidence.
But then when it came time to application, despite my overseeing the process, he merely had his guys smear some patch (quite unprofessionally) on the cracks, and then later came back and sprayed the sealer on, all along the walkway. So I kept hollering for him to come back and spray more on the rough areas, so as to hopefully fill in the rough areas. Finally he agreed, but that only resulted in a way worse nightmare, because it puddled, instead of leveling the rough spots.

So now, way more than 48 hours later, i have many areas of the LONG walkway, where there are puddles of black-oily-goo, and leaves continuously fall down onto the goo, complicating things further.

I had previously expressed to him my worry about my tons of leaves falling from adjacent maples, but both he and a neighbor (who was also using his service) said i don't have to worry about that.

Is there any resolution to this horror? Its pretty urgent due to the garbagemen and mailman needing to use the walkway, and winter coming soon!


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