Damp after flood

Nov 12, 2013
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Hi there,

I was wondering whether anybody would be able to offer me any advice please?

My house was flooded during August Bank Holiday, mainly effecting the kitchen and the dining room. The insurance company we are with have installed drying equipment (1 dehumidifier and 2 cold air fans) but the walls are not drying out at all. I have been advised by a couple of independent people I have spoken to that the plaster really needs to be chipped off and replastered, as the walls will never dry out adequately. The insurance company are really dragging their heels over this due to red tape and actually paying the money for this work out.
An added complication is that we gave a slate damp course on the house which was built in approximately 1905, but there is a possibility that this has broke down for some reason it another. I have been advised that the property was flooded 11 years ago before we lived here, and the water was a lot higher last time.
If the plaster was not dried out effectively after the last flood, and the damp course was breached, over time, could this have contributed to a rising damp issue, or is it likely that their is a break down of the damp course just through deterioration over time?!

The whole process is meaning our house is inhabitable and it am finding it really hard to get our house back in shape as I am getting contradicting reasons and solutions. I should point out at this point that all the plasterwork is behind kitchen cupboards so whilst I can say none of these issues existed prior to the flood, they may have just been obscured from view by the kitchen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a real novice at this type of problem!!!

Many thanks


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