Cooking smells coming from other side of semi-detached house - how?


Frank H

In the basement of our 80ish-year-old semi-detached house, we can often
smell what the neighbours on the other side are cooking in their main
floor kitchen. There is no known opening between the 2 sides of the
house, so I'm wondering how the smells are reaching us. Through the
brick wall? Anyone have any ideas or experience with this? Thought I'd
ask here before starting inquiries next door.

Thanks in advance,
- Frank




Does your neighbor have/use a range vent-hood? It's very likely that
the cooking smells are being vented outside and finding their way into
the basement through windows/drafts/cracks/etc.


Brick is porous so yes odor can get through. Is the wall finished with
drywall? Was it caulked below the baseboard? The most likely places to
check would be at electrical fixtures and switches etc. Do you have a common
attic? Odors going up from their kitchen lights into the attic and down
through your fixtures. Does their kitchen stove have an exhaust fan vented
to the outside? Just some thoughts, I don't live in a semi.

m Ransley

Do you share a wall, through electric outlets, holes in walls from
plumbing under the sinks.

Frank H

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Too sleepy to respond
individually tonight but I will investigate in all the directions you've
pointed out.

All the best,
- Frank



prevailing winds off lake erie send delightful neighborhood fireplace
aromas our way at christmas time. downtown they smell the fresh
cheerios baking at buffalo ny general mills.
halls/kaufmanns/stroehman's used to fill the air daily 2 blocks away
with a wonderful cinnamon bun smell here in north buffalo if we were
lucky to have the morning winds shift our way usually once a week.
break out the cinnamon buns and check for your cinnamon at the
if undetectable try smoked bacon aromas.
see also:




Get a insulation contractor to pressure test your home. the use a fan
to create positive pressure in your home then use smoke device to look
for air leaks.

not only with this seal up leaks, but save you energy and free you of
neighbor odors

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