Close Coupled Toilet Cistern


Keith Abbott

Hi all,

I hope I can get a few words of advice here. I have just installed a new
bathroom suite, but am a little concerned about the close coupled cistern on
the WC. The flooring is chipboard and there is slight flexing in the floor,
only a millimetre or two, but when you sit on the pan, the wait pushing down
on the pan causes the wc to move, probably by that same millimetre or so.
This propagates to the cistern, where you can just feel slight flexing away
from the wall at the base of the cistern. I would guess that it's no more
than a mm.

I have found other notes in here which suggest that the cistern should not
be fixed to the wall, but the installation instructions say that it should,
so was the previous one, so are my other two. I have only done up the screws
so that the cistern just touches the wall and have used a plastic insert (a
cistern washer kit from B&Q) so that the screw is not directly in contact
with the porcelin. There is similar movement in the en-suite room upstairs
as well, also on chipboard flooring, but this is the original cistern.

Obviously, I don't want the new one cracking. Any words of advice would be

Thanks, Keith.


May 26, 2018
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You seem to need the cistern to move up and down a bit so as to follow the movement of the pan. Could you use thinner fixing screws to hold it to the wall while allowing it to move up and down, not in and out, note. This would happen if the screws were a loose fit in their holes. A big washer under the head should stop the cistern pulling away from the wall. A much better way is to stop the pan moving up and down when you sit on it. This involves looking under the floor to find out why it can move and fixing that problem instead.

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