Chased in verses surface mounted cables



I have been stripping out the lath and plaster in a bedroom and putting up
plasterboard. To make it easier I took down the airing cupboard that formed
a triangle in the corner. I want to square off the corners and make it
slightly deeper so in the future I can get a short fat cylinder in instead
of a tall skinny one.

In the airing cupboard is the immersion heater cable, a loop of the ring and
three spurs boxes, one to the loft, one to the power shower and one that
then splits into 2 for the extractor fan and shaver light/heated mirror in
the bathroom.

Chasing the cables in the wall seems OTT for an airing cupboard but isn't
too much effort to do before I get the walls plastered. Also should each
spur be off its own spur box. The fan is on one spur and the shaver
light/heated mirror on another off of the same box. Not much effort to add
another but do I need to do it.



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