Changed blower motor--noisy at slow speed



Installed Fanhandler speed control with brand new Baldor motor on existing (older) furnace. At slow speed, the motor makes a high-pitched turning noise like a helicopter. If I speed up the minimum speed quite a bit, the noise disappears. Also, if I pull out the air filter, the noise changes and dies down a bit.

I don't like the look of the existing return connection as it has been shortened to 14" wide vs. original 16" for an electronic air cleaner (which is now an empty box with a regular air filter in it).

I cleaned the squirrel cage rotor before install and carefully switched themotor so that the support bracket sits as before. The only part I am unsure of is how tight to set the strap around the motor. Perhaps I over-tightened this?

I should take some measurements--static pressure for one--but I don't have a manometer lying around.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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