building a web site



I want to build a business web page, but don't know where to start.
Any recommendations regarding software.
I know some of you have done your own.




Microsoft Front Page is good place to start
Also there are plenty of web page making software packages out....VERY user
friendly ...even for beginners


Steve Scott said:
DreamWeaver is a good html program.

It may be less expensive in the long run, since your time is worth
something to hire it done. There are at least a couple of companies
that specialize in service industry web sites. Up front cost is less
than $1000 and hosting costs vary from $25 or so a month to $100 a
month or so.

DAMN! I should think so...




IOW, for an extra $ 10 / month 'over and above' regualr cost,
they take all control away from you and let you pick from their 10
pre-designed pages ????


Years ago, I started out with a basic setup from Network Solutions....
it was crappy )-;.

Get yourself a cheap-o hosting package... I use an outfit called "A
Small Orange" these days, get a FTP program (decent ones free on the
net, but I use WS_FTP Pro these days).... and have some fun with the
HTML before you make it 'live'.

The site Fish posted helped me get started, too......


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