Boss Entry to CI Soil Pipe - min height above ground (2 bricks up)?



Consider a Saniflo pumped waste system 320cm straight run to an
outside wall.
- Suggested min fall is 1:200, so 1.6cm pipe fall.
- Proper min fall is 1:100, so 3.2cm pipe fall.

1948 concrete raft depth to rebar is probably at least 100mm re
Asphalt, Screed, Concrete. So I do not need to consider batten/
insulation/chipboard the entire ground floor and packing stairs.

To bury a 2.2-2.8cm plastic coated copper pipe in such a floor at
3.2cm fall requires at least a 6cm deep trench (at deepest point).

Q - what is the min height above ground for a Boss Entry to a CI Soil

I have 2, maybe 2.5, brick heights from floor surface to ground
I can not recall if a Boss Entry must be some min distance above
ground, or their height.

Only the sink, rather than toilet, would actually see much use.

Alternative is just exiting the wall, dropping >=450mm with paving
cover to a low depth brick manhole cover and do a low level side-entry
angled to suit flow direction. That is not as pleasant a solution,
although not an inappropriate backup from a "bypass-the-rest" view.




BR AD H says any branch, boss connector, 450mm above rest bend invert.

So will have to dig to measure how deep it is re only 2-2.5 bricks
above re desired outlet height. Only design at this stage, every
possible solution for someone right through to end 3D render, material
& cutting lists, WBS etc.

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