B & Q wind turbines ?

Discussion in 'UK DIY' started by Richard, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Richard

    Richard Guest

    What a bloody laugh.

    Just been doing a few calculations on those bloody B & Q wind turbine
    things, I reckon that by the time they have paid for themselves, the
    bearings will have gone and the unit will be shafted.
    So for all your troubles you will end up with a free scrap wind
    turbine, which ironically will have created roughly the same amount of
    carbon emissions in its production and subsequent disposal, as it saves
    by coming into existence.
    Its enough to make you want to roll about on the bloody floor laughing,
    you may as well get one of those kiddies windmills from the seaside and
    stick it on your roof, the effect on your wallet will be pretty much
    the same.
    Richard, Dec 11, 2006
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  2. Richard

    Broadback Guest

    I hate these wind turbines with all my heart. How they can be called
    environmentally friendly I do not know. The are a blot on the landscape
    and noisy. Also the amount of power they generate is pathetic, only
    those in Scotland get anywhere near the 30% the government forecast, and
    the loss to transfer the power wipes that advantage out.
    Broadback, Dec 11, 2006
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  3. Richard

    Mary Fisher Guest

    LOL! While you're busy hating those you'll not be wasting your energies
    hating other things :)

    Mary Fisher, Dec 11, 2006
  4. Richard

    Paul D.Smith Guest

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that small turbines such as this can be
    efficient if they're used to heat water (domestic hot water or for heating).
    You can then use a simple immersion heater type arrangement which has little
    of the eletronic jiggery-pockery required to sync. them to the mains
    (seperate immersion element of course). I believe it's the electronics that
    are wasteful for such "local" turbines.

    Of course transmission loss from the big boys is a problem but it is from
    all generators. The best location for a powerstation is "at the end of your
    road" - but NIMBY immediately cuts on.

    Better yet for gas generation is local combined heating and power systems.

    Paul DS.
    Paul D.Smith, Dec 11, 2006
  5. Richard

    Richard Guest

    Its the initial cost thats the biggest problem, making payback time way
    into its service life, if they were £50 the story would be different.
    Richard, Dec 11, 2006
  6. Richard

    Guy King Guest

    The message <>
    I think they look rather nice, and having camped and walked near them
    I've never noticed them being much noisier than the wind that's powering
    them when up close - further away they're inaudible.
    Guy King, Dec 11, 2006
  7. Richard

    Mary Fisher Guest

    I agree wholeheartedly, for the large ones. I thought the OP was talking
    about the small, 'domestic' sized ones. I've never seen one in action. A
    supplier told us that our situation wasn't suitable, too much turbulence
    from other buildings and trees.

    Mary Fisher, Dec 11, 2006
  8. Richard

    HLAH Guest

    I'm thinking about marketing ones with empty shells and no control gear at a
    much lower cost. I think they will sell well to those who want something to
    point to when people criticise their big 4X4s. Maybe I will add electric
    motors so they turn and still fulfil their role when the wind isn't blowing.
    They will sell well to politicians as well I expect.

    HLAH, Dec 11, 2006
  9. We are talking about small doemestic jobbies not commercial ones. These
    small ones are noisy.
    Doesn't mean they are not noisy but that is a different and very poorly
    researched area.
    Dave Liquorice, Dec 11, 2006
  10. Richard

    Autolycus Guest

    Surely it's a complete nonsense to use a turbine to generate electricity
    and then use it all to heat water? Why not just convert the mechanical
    power to thermal energy by a paddle in a tank?
    Autolycus, Dec 11, 2006
  11. Richard

    Guy King Guest

    The message <elk8vs$6qr$2surf.net>
    Because that doesn't involve enough "technology" so isn't considered
    Guy King, Dec 11, 2006
  12. Richard

    Bob Eager Guest

    If you do that, Mr Hansen will demand that the electric motors are solar
    Bob Eager, Dec 11, 2006
  13. Richard

    Mary Fisher Guest

    The pump on our solar hot water panel is solar powered. Excellent idea.

    Mary Fisher, Dec 11, 2006
  14. Richard

    Richard Guest

    too many moving parts
    Richard, Dec 11, 2006
  15. Richard

    Bob Eager Guest

    Proof that green supporters have no sense of humour?
    Bob Eager, Dec 11, 2006
  16. I went to a comedy club a while ago and one of the acts did a bit on wind

    He reckoned he had discovered where the wind comes from - he had seen these
    great big fans in Cornwall that made it. He knew it was true because the
    faster they ran the windier it got! He also said he wouldn't like to pay
    the electric bill to run them :)

    The Medway Handyman
    01634 717930
    07850 597257
    The Medway Handyman, Dec 11, 2006
  17. Richard

    raden Guest

    You do so love to be a victim, don't you

    were you abused as a child ?
    raden, Dec 12, 2006
  18. Richard

    Autolycus Guest

    What a terribly sad reflection it would be on a country whose mechanical
    engineering products powered the world, and which produced accurate
    clocks 350 years ago (that are still running today), and built Merlin
    and Napier Deltic engines, if we couldn't turn a shaft through a couple
    of right angles and swish a paddle in a tank. Have we really got so
    obsessed with "solve it in the software" that this seems too difficult
    to contemplate? Cost? I can buy a mechanical watch movement, with auto
    winding, and in one-off quantities, for 5 quid, so there is still the
    capacity for low-cost manufacture out there.
    Autolycus, Dec 12, 2006
  19. I'll bet it's not made in the UK, though.
    Dave Plowman (News), Dec 12, 2006
  20. Richard

    Mary Fisher Guest

    No - proof that you don't reecognise it :)

    Mary Fisher, Dec 12, 2006
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