Artificial Grass ................. ? ? ?



Today, I got a quote for artificial grass. It looks good enough, in the
salesman's box. It is going to run about $6 per square foot installed. Has
anyone had any experience with this sort of "grass"?

It can be seen at

I have checked google and there are various sources, various weights, and
such. I just wanted to know if anyone has tried this stuff, and is it any


Chief Suspect

I had such artificial turf briefly ... very briefly, while living in
Scottsdale for 2 years.
It DOES fade. And, it collects windblown debris, leaves, pine needles,
dust, sand,
which made the patio surround area look like a ten-year-old putt-putt range.
mind the animal matter that does NOT go away easily. Now, one *could* take
the 10-12 foot overlapping runs, and sudsy-hose wash them as recommended,
that gets old reeeeaaaally quick. Maybe things have changed in the last 20


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