Anti-condensation coatings



I'm trying to decide on the roof material for the new motor house -
around 18ft square, pitched roof.

SLE Cladding have more-or-less stopped selling composite steel sheet
seconds, and prime quality ones, at around 28 quid a square metre, seem
a bit OTT.

Onduline (or the Wickes thinner version) is a possibility, but I fear
overheating in summer and condensation problems in winter.

Steel cladding is a possibility, but the Corus site makes insulation
seem horribly complex and liable to problems with condensation within
the structure.

Then there's Grafo Therm - a sprayed-on anti-condensation coating that
Compton use on their steel roof sheets. Has anyone any experience of
this, or similar, products, or any other suggestions for a
reasonably-priced, drip-free roofing material for garages?


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