Accenta G3 Alarm Problem



I have a problem with a Burgular alarm. Its a realtively new flat (3YO)
and the alarm is now beeping intermittedly. The tenant changed the
battery in one of the smoke alarms and says its started after that.
Makes me think that the fire alarm and smoke alarm are in some way
connected or it could be a red herring

The model is a Accenta G3 with the small keypad. I want to try and work
out what the problem might be before I call someone in. Is there some
sort of rest that can be done or will I need an engineer.

Any help much appreciated




You can probably Google to find the user manual if you haven't got one..

The guys at might help (there's a
forum..), though they tend to be a bit blunt..

I think the G3 has a service interval that can be set - maybe this
beeps? Perhaps the alarm's asking you to have it checked over..??


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