4"block v 4" thermolite

Discussion in 'UK DIY' started by Alan J, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Alan J

    Alan J Guest

    What are the pros + cons, besides the price, Its for a single skin garage
    Alan J, Oct 10, 2003
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  2. Alan J

    Grunff Guest

    I've built garage-type outbuildings in both concrete blocks and

    Block is harder, cheaper (40p versus ~80p/block) and results in
    a more solid feeling wall.

    Thermalites are much lighter (1/3 the weight), much easier to
    cut, a lot less hard work to lay, and more insulating.

    The last building we did was thermalites, and the next one will
    certainly also be thermalites.

    While you're at it, consider using thin-join techniques (read up
    on the thermalite website). Really speeds things up.
    Grunff, Oct 10, 2003
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  3. Not much,. Thermalite is warmer and easier to drill

    Its lighter to lay, but needs rendering. It soaks up water from mortatr

    Concrete is tougher, and can be painted or just left.
    The Natural Philosopher, Oct 10, 2003
  4. Alan J

    Grunff Guest

    IME they both soak up water pretty badly. Rendering helps a bit,
    but not all that much. We've taken the approach of 3 coats of
    textured masonry paint straight onto the block, which works
    really well.
    Grunff, Oct 10, 2003
  5. Alan J

    Grunff Guest

    Like any porous material does.

    Both. It's not problematic until you've finished the garage and
    you have really wet walls, which result in a very humid interior.

    Personally, I'd never use bricks in place of blocks - life's too
    short. A couple of good coats of masonry paint on the outside
    completely waterproofs the block.
    Grunff, Oct 10, 2003
  6. Alan J

    Mark S. Guest

    Soak up water in what way?

    When you are laying them or afterwards when raining etc.

    Asking as I've the same to do sometime in the future and was going to
    start aquiring blocks or bricks in advance.

    Mark S.
    Mark S., Oct 10, 2003
  7. Alan J

    Alan J Guest

    Thanks for your input folks. Thermalite sounds good to me.
    Alan J, Oct 11, 2003
  8. And that applies to thermalites/durox ? i was on the verge of asking
    something like this.

    I have been in a quandry over using thermalites or heavy concrete,
    heavy concrete as it wouldn't need rendering vs thermalites for their
    lightness, ease of cutting to size, and good insulating properties.
    But if a few coats of masonary paint and maybe a liberal coat of
    silicone will do the trick i think that steals it.

    I am still working on the garage i was rambling on about march 2002, a
    close family illness effectively stopped my work (and everything else)
    for the best part of a year. But i have about one day left of digging
    my footings (6.3m2 base 1200mm x 600mm), done the soakaway hole that
    is failing to empty out copmpletely (possible high water table
    possibly clay stopping drainage) i was thinking of using a plastic
    pre-cast chamber from http://www.polypipecivils.co.uk/ but the lazy
    buggers didn't reply to my email yet.

    The concrete i am planning to mix myself onsite, one of the local
    planing staff have said that i can cast the footings in legs
    (obviously not terminating in the corners). Breaking the job down
    into 4 parts will make quite manageable. Me + brother have mixed a
    few 4 tonne batches for shoring up in about 2.5h a time. Will be a
    great saving over readymix + pump hire.

    Hopefully be reporting back good progress soon ....
    David Hemmings, Oct 11, 2003
  9. Alan J

    Grunff Guest

    Yes. If you're not going to render, buy smooth faced
    thermalites. They take the paint very nicely.

    Worked well for us on a garage and a hay shed.

    How very energetic of you ;-) I went for the easy premixed route.
    Grunff, Oct 12, 2003
  10. Alan J

    IMM Guest

    "Very" light weight Thermally blocks are available in double thickness. You
    will have well insulated structure then, that keeps heat in and cold out.
    Have an insulated sealed garage door.
    IMM, Oct 12, 2003
  11. Damn, i cannot believe the last chance i had to have a look here was
    the 12th, almost another month gone. Still filling skips with the
    dirt dug from the trench and soakway pit.

    Also been busy finishing off those stupid small irritating snags you
    always get at the end of jobs. the frequency of ear bashing by the
    SWMBO has reduced in line with these being completed. Now onto more
    esoteric things like why do the rear surround speakers have to be so
    large, do we need to amplifiers. basically the whole AV setup is under
    dispute, after much discuassion i have been given carte blanche to get
    more expensive 'tidier' components.

    Also just finished off the hallway last night at about 10pm, the other
    half very pleased.. when i got in this evening one of the normally
    nice cats had shredded, by the looks of it, a baby song/missile thrush
    all over the hallway
    David Hemmings, Oct 31, 2003
  12. Alan J

    Juan D

    Jan 23, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I am new to this building material and i have a question i have been looking in to making my house as much energy efficient as possible and i was looking into building my hole house out pf 6" thermalite bricks but i have been reading defferent forums and don't really now if i should go foword and use thermalite or regular bricks
    Juan D, Jan 23, 2018
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