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    Levelling uneven cement flooring

    I would question as to why is there such a drastic slope. Did the original floor settle on one side? Was it poured at that angle for a reason? Drainage? Also, it would help to know the dimensions of this building. Welcome to the forum.
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    DIY Concrete basin, problems with crumbling

    In addition: most of the problems causing weak concrete are due to letting the concrete dry instead of cure. I make concrete pots and slabs for my bonsai. Once they have set up I put them in garbage bags with some water to keep them very moist. If they are very delicate I will submerge them...
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    Crack on fibreglass bath edge

    I believe you would have to get some of the same colored gelcoat from the manufacturer and proceed as you would with a fiberglass boat or car body.
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    Is this the right/safe connector for a 4x4 monkeybars/swingset? (details and pictures)

    Anders, as I think about this more it dawned on me that the metal thickness could vary between different brands of this fixture. I think you could eliminate any danger of failure by drilling holes in the horizontal part of the fixture and the ends of the4X4s then insert dowels using a quality...
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    Is this the right/safe connector for a 4x4 monkeybars/swingset? (details and pictures)

    If you use bolts through the large holes I can’t imagine that this wouldn’t be strong enough to withstand any weight you apply.
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    Broken roof tile repair.

    Aren’t the new adhesives wonderful?
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    Crack on external wall

    I can tell you what NOT to do. Don’t spackle over it and ignore it. A part of your foundation is moving. The safest thing you can do is find a company that specializes in foundations.
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    Workshop favourite songs.

    To me the most fun item today is Bluetooth. It is so amazing the amount of information that can be transmitted. I have almost no wires left on any of my systems.
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    Kitchen hot water faucet slowing to stop

    Be ready to change the filter every year or so. The crud in municipal water lines could gag a horse. When I was in college I worked summers as a laborer for an underground construction company. Much of our work was replacing old water mains. The crud we found inside those pipes made me swear off...
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    Kitchen hot water faucet slowing to stop

    You may be extremely lucky with it just being the screen at the end of the faucet. If that is the actual problem then you can either clean it or replace it.
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    Best adhesive for Quartz?

    If you have a swimming pool store nearby get the 2 part epoxy for pool repairs. Even a very thin layer will give a waterproof and strong bond.
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    Workshop favourite songs.

    Now that we have such sites as Pandora and Spotify we can listen to pretty much anything we want. I have an older stereo in my workshop that I plug my iPhone into. My music of choice? Pink Floyd.
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    My rock crawler

    My Jeep has two jobs. First is as a rescue vehicle for our fire department. It can go almost anywhere. Second is for my entertainment. I search out places that challenge me and the Jeep. The tires are 33” X 12.5” and will go anywhere. I keep working on it and as I find new equipment I install it.
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    Siding Tips/Advise

    I had this same problem when I lived in Florida. I tore all the siding off the wall, removed all the wood in the framing that showed evidence of moisture and replaced it with pressure treated wood. Before replacing the siding I cover the inside with sealant/ primer. I had the window replaced by...
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    Faux brick

    Can you find a latex paint to replicate the whitewash.