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    Most common cause is that the due to bad system design, a restriction or both. Your pump is pumping over filling the expansion tank with hot water.This will obviously only happen when the system is running. If this is what is happening it is bad for your system as when the water splashes into...
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    losing water pressure on Vokera compact boiler

    If you are losing pressure then it has to be a leak ! Either it is on the system -- radiators, radiator valves or pipe work or more likely it's the pressure release valve (PRV) fitted in the boiler. This is not uncommon and as it should be terminated outside the house it is not always...
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    Central heating - help needed!

    The Worcester Bosch highflow 400 has an integral water storage unit built in which will store aprox 60 ltrs of hot water ready to supply to your taps when required. This may cause slightly more gas usage keeping that water hot but the advantage is that it will react quicker and usually you have...
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    Fitting shower pump

    As JohnKay says if you do not follow the manufacturers instructions they have a get out straight away, and depending on the pressure of your rising main the tank may not stay full so the head of water on the pump will drop and maybe cause cavitation in the pump impellers (although it will...
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    Baxi Bermuda 552

    The boiler must be reaching the boiler thermostat's setting and turning off the gas valve. If the radiators and hot water are hot enough it would indicate that the boiler stat is OK and set high enough. If the rads are not getting hot enough check the boiler stat is high enough (normally around...
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    a wocester combi boiler

    It is possible to use a combi on a unvented hot water system if that is what you mean but if you have to ask the question then I guess you are not qualified to do it. Pete
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    Gas Restrictor Elbow Leaking??

    It is normal for gas to pass the screw threads inside when the screw is in the on position but obviously it will stop when this is screwed down. The outside screw caps fibre washer does the sealing when the valve is turned on. If you have checked it for leaks with leak detection fluid (weak...
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    Vaillant ecomax 824 - pressure rising and falling/water leak

    If you have water coming out of the shraeder valve on the expansion vessel the diaphragm has gone, allowing water through it to the dry side. The vessel will have to be replaced. This would cause the system to over pressure when hot and water to escape outside through the pressure release...
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    Bath hot water

    As all combi's can only heat a limited amount of water by X degrees = temperature rise depending on its output. It most likely has a 15mm hot water outlet pipe. Your sink and basin taps are 15mm pipe or even 10mm your bath tap is 22mm or 3/4" so the tap having a bigger bore and pipework being...
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    Radiator not working after building work

    What work have you had done ? have they drained or altered the system ? If not it may just be the thermostat valve sticking shut through lack of use (quite common) First check the lock shield valve on the left side of your radiator is fully open (anticlockwise) looking down on valve using a...
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    Gas meter box unused spigot

    Hi If you cut a glass-fibre disk and attached it inplace of the spigot that would be perfect, just run a bead of silicone around the edge before you fit it and I am sure your engineer will be very impressed I know I would have been. The amount of meter boxes I have had to seal up that had no...
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    Gas meter box unused spigot

    No problem to do what you say, exiting the box at the bottom but if you do this the old hole/spigot in the box must be sealed. You should do this with a non setting sealer but to be quite honest I would find a plug (bottle top or similar) to fill the hole and seal it in with silicone sealer. The...
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    Central heating problems

    It is probably your boiler stat that is reaching temperature and switching off. Possibly due to lack of circulation through the radiator system (not removing the heat from boiler fast enough) Causes poor pump performance (I would look at this first) boiler stat set to low or...
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    New boilers and macerator toilet

    What do you want to run off the water heater ? if you have a shower it can be electric and you could use an electric storage water heater for your basin and sink.. They come in different capacities I fitted a couple of these at a sailing club recently they were both 15 litres, each supplying a...
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    Advice about a loose kitchen tap

    Normally with these taps you either have a large collar that screws onto the tap from below to lock the tap to the sink/worktop or a large C shaped washer that slides up a threaded bar in the bottom of the tap and is locked tight with a brass nut, has this slid down ? or is the worktop to thick...