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    Makita Trimmer RT0700C router.

    Oh my word, that must have taken quite a bit of time to get those matching profiles - especially if you used a scratch stock and cut that cove with shallow passes. You have more patience than I, Colin :D. I've got matching skirting moulding all around the house (it's an old Georgian style) and...
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    Makita Trimmer RT0700C router.

    That's a really nice jig setup - I bet you got some nice cuts with those nice long guide rails. I've been tempted by a palm router for a long while, but always made do with my large Bosch one. It's the Ryobi Ono+ palm router that tempted me, as although I'd normally avoid battery powered tools...
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    Digging bar.

    I've got that exact same bar in my garage - used it for removing laurel stumps (after doing 2 manually). What a difference it made :). It's a lot of fun to use too, as you can really get some force behind it. It's great for levering too, when a spade just doesn't have enough length to it. It...
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    Lawn care question

    You didn't even give us 12 hours to respond ;). I use a Ryobi One+ Cordless hedge trimmer. It's relatively cheap and is suitable for most small gardens, but I mainly chose this as I have a few tools from the "One +" range that share the same battery. If you let us know how much stuff you've...
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    Workshop favourite songs.

    Clever setup there @Doghouse Riley! Oh wow, those 3rd Generation iPods are cheap! Yep, that might be a good way to do it - 8GB of storage for less than a tenner. Should hook up to your hi-fi easily enough with a 3.5mm cable too :). If you fancy going really high-tech, you could get something...
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    Sheer hard graft.

    Good work @Retired - those trunks are huge indeed! Give it 2 weeks and laurel will somehow fill that space again :D.
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    Fridge Bladder?

    Hi @Rgardner, sorry we couldn't help. Plenty of people will have read this, including myself, but I guess no-one knew the answer to this. I'm glad you've got it fixed though, thanks for reporting back with the solution. Those little peltier powered fridges are great.
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    Hi everybody! New home, much work :)

    Welcome aboard Mark!
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    Sheer hard graft.

    Interesting, I've not tried that sort of homebrew weedkiller - but that sounds cheap and easily available. Great :D. Would be interested to hear if it works even on tough weeds? I've got a few that roundup works a treat on, as if I pull some of the weeds they just release loads of seeds - so...
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    Good quality hex keys

    Got a link to those please? I've not heard of them before. Hahaha, I think we all have that drawer :D. I can't resist keeping them for when I need them.
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    Old Sears Garage Door Opener lights

    Maybe a bit of a late reply if you've already got some rough service bulbs, but LED bulbs will last you a long while (I very rarely see them blow). If you do go down the LED route, make sure to get them from a reputable name (Philips are particularly good) - as some of the cheaper/older models...
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    Sheer hard graft.

    It took a round of two of weeding for it to work for me, but since then, it's been brilliant :). It stops a couple of especially prolific weeds in particular, so I've saved tens of hours work :D.
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    Sheer hard graft.

    Good call on the woodchip! It'll make things so much easier with regards to weeds - I put some down a few years ago and it's reduced my weeding workload by 90% - looks good and helps the plants too. Really suits the rest of the garden where you've used it.
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    Straight lines when painting

    I've had great success with Frogtape, it's expensive for masking tape - but worth the few extra quid. It's quite strong and doesn't let paint seep underneath as long as you firmly push it down just before painting (I just run my finger along to check). There are 3 types: Green - standard...
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    Sheer hard graft.

    Fantastic job @Retired! That's looking really good :D.