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    Connect Neutral to Earth?

    Hi all, I have a roomstat to install. It has 3 terminals: Comm, NO, and NC. But the wiring in the wall is L, Switched L (to boiler), and Earth; there is no Neutral wire. So the question is, can I connect the roomstat's N terminal to the Earth wire?
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    Heating problem: are you there Dave Osborne?

    Ping Dave Osborne Hi Dave, Can you tell me please what software you used to make those excellent wiring diagrams for Y-plan, S-plan, Honeywell Sundial etc? Our new home has a strange 16-terminal wiring centre and I want to document it.
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    Heating problem: are you there Dave Osborne?

    Hi, I'm having a problem with a CH system in a newish house (~2 years old). In the first place I can't out what kind of system, seems to be a modified Y-plan. I'd like to know what drawing tools DaveyOz (Dave Osborne?) used for his superb Sundial etc diagrams. Are you there Dave? So in...