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    PLC for switching heating load?

    I already have the unit to do this, it's a commercial rainwater control panel. We design, build and program them. Dedicated hardware, not PLC, very compact. I just need to write new software for solar PV. Maybe this is a product I should launch.
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    Making molded rubber plugs/connectors

    Utileplast. Also maplin sell the same thing under another name but not sure what it's called. It comes in small beads, melts in a cup of hot water, and sets to a hard plastic. Only thing is it melts again when hot so maybe not good in the engine compartment. If you are pouring into a sealed...
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    Question about T2.5AH fuse

    many of these 20mm fuses do seem to have the H, you can ignore it (I always did). The T means it's a quickblow not a glass passivated one (slow blow). (quickblow and slowblow always make me smile, not sure why :D)
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    keep waking up with no power.

    Turn each circuit on one at a time, then fire up each appliance one at a time. Start with class 1 appliances like heating, fridge, etc. Did your sparky test the RCDs at 10mA for false tripping? If it is the RCD tripping out it will probably be earth leakage from an appliance with a motor...
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    car charger 16a plug cut off=need replacement

    You don't need to worry about it, 12v at 5A = 60 watts, which is 0.25 A at 240v so you can use a 13A UK plug and fuse it at 3A
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    OT: more eco home problems

    If you feed rainwater into a header tank containing a ball cock for mains water you breach Wras regulations for a type AA or AB air gap and so risk prosecution, particularly if you experience suction on the mains water feed (caused by high local demand) and hence back-siphonage of category 5...
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    What's a nativity set?
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    self-service tills

    I'm 39 and I still get asked for ID. Last time I got impeded was by a spotty boy who looked about 15. I was shopping with my other half and the checkout boy concluded I must be shopping with my dad so he let me through! :D
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    New Ryobi tool ?

    Ryobi make MP3 players?
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    Testing power tool batteries

    Get a lithium ion drill. Those batteries either work great, or they're dead. No confusion.
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    generator capable of emergency power to small freezer as well as tools on the allotment etc

    Inrush current on a fridge or freezer is typically 10x the running load. Even a 2kva genny will cough a bit when a 200w fridge kicks in. The 800w unit (I have one of these) is highly unlikely to do it. Power factor is also an issue, fridges are very reactive loads so expect the amperage to be...
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    What is obdii diagnostic tool?

    OBD2 became standard in Europe after an EU directive in 1999 for petrol cars and 2005 for diesels. All cars sold in europe after this date must be OBD2 compliant, and all powertrain fault codes must be standard, so you don't need a model to match your car. In the US the Right to Repair act...
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    Is it possible to get a 'pastry cutter' drill bit attachment?

    What are you drilling. Wood? Plastic? Concrete?
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    21.6V Challenger Hammer Drill

    Fast for drilling wood and masonary, slow for steel and screwdriving.
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    Grease for drill gears?

    Send an email to Makita, it's a top brand so you should get an answer. Interestingly some of the cheap drills with plastic gearboxes use a product called Olestra for lubrication, which was originally invented as a diet food.