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    Switch to turn off water pump when water supply interrupted

    You need a float switch. They have them at Home Depot. Model #EBFSWPB You need a float switch that will OPEN it's contacts when it hanging by way of gravity water floatation. This way, the float will permit the operation of the upstream pump motor (with it's existing controls, if...
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    Kitchen lights started flickering

    Are they on a dimmer?
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    Low voltage light switch system alternative switches

    I thinks its a good call to locate that relay bank in the ceiling, using plywood as a support across the trusses. Too, it seems you are correct in feeling that switching line voltage wiring is difficult as the existing switch control wiring will be of a lighter AWG, and not rated to carry the...
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    Low voltage light switch system alternative switches

    I am a Master Electrician, in the elec trouble/service industry for 24+ years now (est. Jan 1997). I am the company owner. I can likely help you with this. This is called "low-voltage switching". They are rare in residential environments, rather, they're found commonly in commercial...
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    Old home ceiling texure

    I am understanding it's normal spray-stippling material, sprayed with a hopper, very watered down, and permitted to drip onto the floor as it dries. Not very nice, if you ask me. I'd try to scrap it off somewhere...if it comes off easy, it's spray stippling. If it's hard, then it's drywall...
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    LED ceiling lamp fail - strangely it is always on at 10% power

    Take the switch out of the wall, touch the two (2) wires formerly on the switch together. If the lights come ON full bore, change the switch. If not, let me/us know.
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    Is my old gas solenoid replaceable on my 1959 Lennox furnace

    RE: Gas Valve availability: Most all gas valves all look the same. For residential applications, you've a 1/2" NPT female IN and same for OUT. Take a picture of your valve, go to a gas fitting supplier (not Home Depot), and they've have one for you.....they are nothing odd. I would suggest...
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    Is my old gas solenoid replaceable on my 1959 Lennox furnace

    I have a fan forced, natural gas, Lennox furnace from 1957. Of course, the motor has been changed, the pillow blocks have been changed, the impeller, high limit and fan switch has been changed, and I replaced the gas valve (as you call a "solenoid", I'm assuming). True, many pieces have been...
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    Air Compressor bogs down

    In the electrical trbl/service industry, we this a "ghost" problem, that is, when we (as electrician service techs) show up to the site, the problem disappears, similar to a "ghost". While frustrated, as is the client too, we both would've liked the problem to remain, that way, we have...
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    Reversing garage door

    What is the make/model of your operator? When you depress the CLOSE button, does the door only slightly bump itself closed further, or must you OPEN the door some distance, then re-attempt a CLOSE command?
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    Air Compressor bogs down

    Yes, you'd be correct in your understanding of check valves. However, I was leaving the worst case scenario for the last most diagnosis check, that is, the "suction of the thumb" test in my earliest-most post. If you feel no suction at 70psi with your thumb on the intake pipe, the heads in the...
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    Air Compressor bogs down

    Ok, Thx for that. The "bogging / laboring" sound may be coming from the pump, and not the motor. Remove the belt from the motor to pump. Start the motor by turning ON the compressor, it is expected the motor will sound fine without any mechanical load. 1) You have a single stage...
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    Unsupported Joist?

    @He who knows - Here in North America, toe nails (as we call them, you circled them in purple) are not deemed as a load bearing fastening method. Sheer stress on those nails would be too great for them to bear the load without yielding.
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    Air Compressor bogs down

    QUESTION: Upon the second incident where motor is laboring at 30psi, stop at 70psi: What stopped the motor? The motor's overload tripped? Or did it just quit at 70psi on its own as it always has, despite the insufficient psi of 120? PRELIMINARY TRBL SUSPECT: A motor will always try to...
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    What is this thing?

    @Ian - That's what I was thinking.....something IR related. I have three (3) of them...but it seems I won't be keeping need to. Thanks to both of you for the help.