Re: Glow worm rapid heat rise.

Discussion in 'UK DIY' started by Antony Jones, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Antony Jones

    Antony Jones Guest

    Hello wrote:
    > HI,
    > We have the Glow worm HXI, the problem I am expericing is that when the
    > boiler is switched on there is a rapid temperature rise then the boiler cuts
    > out with an error code F1. Ignition problems in the fault finding code.
    > We had this problem before and the overheat stat had to be reset.

    Odd you should post this. I've just had a similar problem with my 18Hxi.
    After performing perfectly for just over a year, it started making loud
    banging noises. Following that, the temperature would rise rapidly on
    start often resulting in a F26 or F14 error before it cut out.
    Eventually an F5 lockout (overheat stat tripped) would happen. I called
    out Glow-worm who replaced the heat exchanger - it was full of sludge.
    This was done under warranty (I had to pay a substantial call-out
    charge, but the parts were free), which was very good of them
    considering it wasn't really their fault.

    The sludge was a brown colour and looked like copper (flakes and
    particles), not iron (it wasn't attracted to a magnet, before you ask).
    I suspect the source of this is the Albion Mainsflow Direct thermal
    store the boiler's attached to. I've since cleaned out the store, and
    it's currently running with some Sentinel X400 to thoroughly clean it
    out (I'll flush this out and put inhibitor back in a few days).

    I've bought a Y strainer to install, but this will obviously need
    checking/cleaning regularly and will only catch larger particles in the
    stainless mesh.

    Does anyone have any ideas on the cause of this copper sludge (BTW I did
    use Fernox MB1), or how I can prevent it fouling the boiler/rads? I've
    done a Google for hydrocyclone separators, but these don't seem to be
    available for domestic use, and obviously a "Boiler Buddy" or
    "Magnaclean" isn't going to help much...

    But enough of me, back to the OP: If the boiler is still under warranty,
    give Glow-worm a call. But you might want to check for a blockage in
    your pipework (or the flue for that matter, if the boiler won't stay
    lit) first.

    Antony Jones, Jan 14, 2007
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